3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack Review


img_8989You could probably tell that I liked this product from my initial review. The fact is that this is an extremely affordable, useful pack that just about anyone can use. Let’s get into the nitty gritty  of the product.

The overall size of the Outlaw is 684 cubic inches that  translates to a lot of storage space is a very useable size that you can carry on a daily basis. The main compartment is 5” H x 8”W x 4”D (480 cubic inches)  and has internal organizer pockets that can be used if img_9014needed. They are definitely helpful and don’t get in the way when folded flat. The top front storage area  is 4.5″ H x 7.5″ W x 2″ D (68 cubic inches) and  the bottom front is8.5″ H x 8″ W x 2″ D (136 cubic inches)both also  have internal organizers as well. One of the great features that I love is the hydration sleeve. It can be used with a hydration bladder or you can stow your weapon in the same area for off body carry without anyone noticing.

img_9015The Outlaw is made of heavy-duty 600D PVC nylon.There are others similar products made of thicker nylon, but honestly I prefer this weight as it is easier to work with, more pliable, and quieter. Another thing that I expected not to like was the buckle hardware. It’s thin and pliable unlike some similar packs I have used in the past. I thought it was cheap, I was wrong. I beat the things with a hammer in an attempt to break them…. didn’t work! The buckles are still in great shape, no cracks and no distortion. What I though was skimping was actually a great feature for hard use. img_9002

This particular pack is best suited to three civilian missions in my opinion, the first is as an EDC pack for CCW holders that want to have a lot of gear just in case all hell breaks loose. At one point I carried a pack with a change of clothes, medical kit, and basic survival gear if I became stranded while out and about. This pack is perfect for that and could be img_8997stowed in the trunk or behind a seat easily.

The second use would be for hunters that don’t want or need to be weighed down. The shoulder strap is designed for the left shoulder for better weapon shouldering and the bag can be worn in front with contents comfortably accessed while sitting if you decide to take it on a hunt and use it while in a tree stand.  Again it has the hydration bladder and plenty of room for anything you need if the weather turns or your transportation breaks down.


The third would be for hiking. I enjoy getting out, especially when it begins to  cool down, and spending some time just walking around in the woods. The size is perfect as you don’t need a full 3 day pack, but definitely need some gear in case of a fall or just somewhere to keep your gun that doesn’t scream I’M ARMED! If you’re a pet owner it would even work great to keep some gear for fido as well. A dog on a hike is always more fun if ya ask me.img_9006

Thus far I have used the Outlaw mostly as a range bag and to keep my gear out of the weather. I’ll be testing it out on hikes and beating it up as much as possible very soon. At this point, I expect it to perform extremely well. I’ll give another update to let you know how things go during real world testing over a long period of use. Until then check out 3V Gear and put some lead down range.



Water bottle pocket sized to fit 32 oz. bottle

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