Aegis Armory Shield Holster-first thoughts review


913774_254930447980636_1421284563_oI own another holster from Aegis Armory and was very impressed with the fit and finish so we decided to contact them for a full review. This my friends, is the exact holster that Stephen graciously sent from Aegis Armory for review. Yes, it is purple, and there are two reasons. First, I have seen very drab almost washed out colors in Kydex that just look cheap, and second, I don’t wear two full sized guns daily. So I wanted a holster that could be used by my wife as well. I’m really in love with my old duty weapon, but also have a Smith and Wesson M&P.  My wife wears this as an OWB holster and I wear it as an IWB. The holster is pulling double duty and serving multiple purposes. One of my favorite features of this holster is that you get a lot of bang for your buck as it can be carried both in and outside the waistband.

My first impression when I opened the package is that this holster is definitely high quality. The materials and hardware are better than a lot of the more expensive holsters that I own. If you are anything like me the smell of top quality leather is intoxicating, and it hit me the moment I opened the packaging. This is not a low rung budget holster, it’s as good or better than anything on the market, period.

The color is extremely vibrant and actually matches my wife’s mildly customized M&P perfectly, (can you say brownie points?) which was a great bonus. Another thing that I noticed is that the leather has been finished very well. The color is deep and the edges are beveled. The finished edges of the leather are a big deal in my book. It makes a massive difference in the comfort level when carrying an IWB holster. I own another similar holster that I actually had to sand the edges of the leather and use a black Sharpie to recolor them! Oh, and it cost $20 MORE!IMAG2926

My first impression is that Stephen and his crew really know what the heck they are doing. I’ll be back with a more as I continue to use this holster, so look for an extended review in the near future. Until then check these guys out at or on Youtube and Facebook.

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