FIGHT for your life! When a gun isn’t enough.


I recently read another blog that prompted this installment. Honestly this is something that I have preached for years, but few listen. If you don’t get it then read the stats and do the research for yourself, gun fighting is all about fighting and has a lot less to do with the gun than most think. The gun is last stop on the survival train when an incident occurs. So you better know how to fight to keep your gun,and get into a position to use it.

All the studies for the last three decades prove that almost all armed  encounters occur in the 3 to 7 yard range. What does that mean? That means that unless you have super human abilities then you will not be able to react quickly enough to draw and fire your weapon if an aggressor is attacking.  See the “Tueller Drill,” or “21-foot rule,” if you have any doubt about being a super human. What this means in real life is that more than likely you will be on your back, getting punched in the face before your gun clears the holster. That’s if you’re lucky enough that the bad guy wasn’t able to wrestle your gun away from you. It’s not a pretty picture for Joe or Jane Average that feels like they’re covered just having a gun. fight_club

To bring a little real world experience into this, I will share my personal background to bring the point home a much as I can. For those of you that  don’t know, I am a former police officer with a decade of experience on the street level. I’ve been shot  at more times than I like to recall, I’ve been in more fights than I can remember, and have been a part of God only knows how many forcible arrests. You may disagree, but I feel that this “street’ experience is  invaluable because I have dealt with the exact people that will be assaulting myself or my family. Am I the end all be all of street survival? Not by a long shot, but I do know a few things, I have been in more than my fair share of fights, and I’ve been around the block.

Simply having a gun isn’t enough. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. You must know who is inside your personal sphere and decide if they are a threat to your security. Lastly you must be able to physically defend yourself without a firearm when the need arises. If your fight experience consists of watching TV and movies, then you are at a distinct disadvantage. Neither is a fair representation of reality. I’m a pretty big, strong dude and I have never been able to hit someone so hard that they flew across a room and slid down the wall. I’ve only knocked a few people out for that matter. The reality of the situation is that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face or hit someone with everything they have and watch as they don’t go down, staying in the fight. images n

If you’re like me you don’t have ten hours or more to train on a weekly basis, nor do you have piles of cash laying around for private training, what exactly do you do? Find a solid trainer that trains defensive tactics for those that are armed. Rolling in a BJJ gym or boxing will do nothing to help you keep possession of your gun. Train for the threat and reality. Invest in your training as time and money allow. Notice that I just said INVEST. Quality training is key. Getting together with friends and making it up as you go will more than likely end one of you headed to the ER and really does no good. If you are the fairer sex, then don’t mistake a cardio kickboxing class for training, it isn’t. I mean really do your homework and seek out a real trainer preferably with a military or law enforcement background. cancer-fight-blogs

Nobody enjoys getting hit in the face or really wants to fight. Well if paid enough there are a few that really want to fight, but normal people in their right mind don’t enjoy fighting. Just because you are a ‘normal” person and sane doesn’t mean that the rest of society is. Remember that you won’t be defending yourself against normal people. An individual that is willing to attack you to get what you have is maladjusted and more than likely addicted to some illegal substance. Your foe isn’t a normal well adjusted member of society so ending the fight quickly is paramount. Keeping possession of your weapon and getting space to act may be your only chance at survival.

Do some research, put some thought into this post and go find a trainer! See you at the range

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