Tekmat Review


17-gadsdenHow many times have you gotten a dirty look or worse from your significant other for cleaning your gun at the dinner table? I have more than once! Usually I have an assortment or rags spread out with various gun parts and chemicals before me. I still get the dirty looks, but I don’t scratch the table any longer. I recently invested in several Tekmats that are specific to my guns.


We all have to clean our guns, or want to lay out our gear before shooting. If  you shoot a high-end piece of equipment, then why not protect it and look cool at the same time?  Tekmat makes high quality mats with a soft polyester top and neoprene bottom. They are tough as nails and gentle on your gun and any surface you place your gun on. I rather like the exploded view of my guns and also have a Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me”.

17-swmp_2There are mats for both short and long guns as  well  as statement mats that are pro 2nd amendment. If you want to look like a pro or have a nice gun you don’t want scratched, Tekmat is the way to go. I personally have one for every weapon I own. Let’s face it in the world of guns most things are over priced, but these bad boys are extremely affordable and cheap insurance for your gun as well as furniture surfaces. Go check out the website,  http://www.tekmat.com/, and find a few for your guns as well.

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