Why choose Laymen’s Tactical for your training? Because from the sands of the Middle East to the streets of Central NC we are battle tried and proven! Each of our instructors have decades of real world experience carrying firearms to defend lives everyday. We are  professionals with a passion for teaching you life saving skills.

Laymen’s Tactical was formed to educate, instruct, and make the average gun owner more skilled with their firearm. There are so many people getting their CCW, or purchasing their first firearm these days without ever receiving any formalized training. In our opinion that just isn’t acceptable when it comes to the safety of gun owners and their families.

shooting_rangeWe are dedicated to educating you and meeting you at your skill level, and making you better. If you want professional, courteous, and affordable training, then we are the solution that you are looking for.

Here at Laymen’s Tactical, we know not everyone is a Navy Seal, or Special Forces operator, so we try to cover what you really need to know as a new gun owner, and we even have good solid tactical information for you seasoned veterans as well. Please visit our blog page for the latest and greatest or just to see what we’ve been up to.

Please check back with us regularly. We’ve got many updates and changes in the works. Who knows, you may find the information you’ve been searching for!



Purchasing a firearm is a huge undertaking with so many makes and models to choose from. You need to have a firearm that fits you as well as the job at hand. A gun is a tool and you need the right tool for your specific job. Let our years of experience work for you!



From basic firearms safety courses to high speed drills and tactics we have you covered when it comes to training. Our goal is to accommodate every client with a wide range of classes. There is no magic bullet when it comes to shooting skills, the answer is constantly drilling the proper techniques so that when the moment comes you are prepared.

We have partnered with Nemesis Group LLC to provide medical training to the community. Nemesis Group brings a lot of experience to the table in the world of tactical combat casualty care with their experience as tactical medics with the local Sheriff’s office. They will train anybody from basic first aid to advanced tactical combat casualty care. Be on the lookout for partnered classes from us and Nemesis Group in the future!