Commercial Security Consulting

Commercial security needs vary greatly depending on the type of business you own or mange and it’s size and location. A large manufacturing company has very different needs than a small retail business in a strip mall. There are many concerns to address when implementing a security plan for your company. We have partnered with an IT company, licensed private investigators and a medical training group to help build and implement a plan to keep your business and employees safe.

Loss Prevention

lpoIn some cases the actual physical security is of less concern than inventory protection and loss prevention. Do your entry level employees know when inventory checks are coming? Are the entry level employees the ones checking and controlling all of your inventory? Some of the decisions that you made could be the cause of your business losing money every month if you haven’t put the proper safe guards in place. We are more than happy to review your procedures and your current loss prevention and inventory control programs to insure that you are keeping all the money your business is making. Employee theft in any form is just as unacceptable as outside theft. We have solutions that work.

Physical Security

activeshooterIf physical security is your concern, Laymen’s Tactical can help you put a plan in place to keep your employees safe from threats. Workplace violence, theft and robbery are all very real threats that happen frequently. Our experience in law enforcement, the military and the private protection industry make us uniquely suited to identify your needs. Do you or your employees know what to do if a workplace shooting occurs? Do you have employees that are medically trained to help deal with a mass casualty incident? A simple plan of action can mean the difference in loss of life and a threat being stopped before it even gets in the building. We can identify vulnerable areas, help you prioritize threats, and give you a plan of action to reduce your liability. Our assessment will be customized to your business, property and your individual situation based on the needs of your business.

Breach Assessment

10115235.jpgAs an extension of our physical security assessment, we can also provide a breach assessment of your property and network. We can locate weaknesses otherwise not encountered on a basic tour of your facility. This type of assessment requires both passive and active intelligence gathering. This is a very specialized assessment and is conducted independently by us. We take privacy and security very seriously and are diligent to destroy any personal or proprietary information uncovered by our intelligence gathering process. We are also happy to work with your company’s attorney to ensure strict compliance.

Security Provider Selection

securityguardWe are able to assist you in the selection of a security provider as well. It can be overwhelming when you are looking for a security company. Many of them have a very long list of services they provide and we are able to sort through that to get you the services that you need, not what they can sell you.