Residential Security Consulting

Many people buy an alarm system and feel safe from harm. The issue is that alarms don’t stop criminal, while they may deter them, they do nothing to physically stop an individual intent on entering your residence and doing you harm. Today’s criminals are more tech savvy than ever and you can’t depend only on simple electronics to keep you safe. In today’s society, police can’t guarantee quick arrival time. This is especially true outside the municipal city limits where a deputy may be up to an hour away. Keeping your family safe is your responsibility. 

home-invasionBy taking an overall evaluation of your property we can determine what your threat level actually is. This assessment will take into account everything from the physical structure and building materials to landscape design and lighting. Every home has it’s weak points and issues but few owners have ever considered what they can do to better protect their family. Our experience in law enforcement, military and the private protection industry allows us a very special perspective when identifying problems. Having the right systems in place and a plan, can save the lives of your loved ones. Let Laymen’s Tactical help you protect your family. Unlike other firms, we have no product to sell, other than our knowledge. We don’t work for or with a large security alarm company or private security firm. We work for you!